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Thief Trying to Break Into Car

Stop Relay Attack Theft

Key Pouch Blocking Signal

Shield Your Key Fob

Keyless car theft is on the rise, but you don't have to be a victim. Our premium Faraday pouches are your upgraded defence against tech-savvy thieves.

Trusted by Experts and Recommended by Police

Many police forces in the UK, including the Metropolitan Police and Thames Valley Police, recommend using RFID key pouches as a preventative measure against keyless car theft. These pouches effectively block the signals that thieves use to execute relay attacks, thereby enhancing vehicle security. Similarly, Thatcham Research, a well-known car security research organization, underscores the efficacy of Faraday pouches but emphasizes that not all pouches are created equal. They highlight the importance of purchasing high-quality, tested pouches to ensure reliability, warning against cheaper, less effective options that may fail to block signals properly. Both sources agree that investing in a reputable RFID key pouch is a critical step in safeguarding your vehicle against modern theft techniques.

Additionally, RFID key pouches provide several other positive uses:

  • Protection for Other RFID Devices: Besides car keys, these pouches can also protect credit cards, passports, and other devices that use RFID technology, ensuring that personal data remains secure from skimming and unauthorized access (LocksmithsPros).
  • Preventing Key Cloning: Locksmith professionals highlight that RFID pouches significantly lower the risk of key fobs and tags being cloned. By blocking electromagnetic fields, these pouches prevent unauthorized persons from accessing vehicles or buildings using cloned key fobs (LocksmithsPros).
  • Convenience and Versatility: Many RFID pouches are designed to be compact and versatile, fitting easily into pockets or bags. Some models even offer additional storage for multiple keys or other small items, making them practical for everyday use (Evening Standard).

Overall, RFID key pouches offer a practical, multi-functional solution for enhancing security and protecting personal data against modern theft techniques.

Premium Key Pouches

Product Features

  • Advanced RPF Technology: Blocks all signals thieves use for relay attacks.
  • Endorsed by Police: Quality RFID Pouches are recommended by UK police forces for improving car security.
  • High-Performance Shielding: Ensures your car remains secure.
  • Premium Materials: Durable, water-resistant, carbon fiber patterned PU leather, and RFID blocking cloth.
  • Spacious Design: Fits even the largest key fobs and additional items.
  • Secure Closure: Key lock spring and full Velcro flap for complete protection.

Black Key Pouch (2-Pack)

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Premium Key Pouches

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